President Bush Isn’t Aware of $4-a-gallon Gas, But We Are

We are troubled that at yesterday’s (Feb 28) Presidential news conference, Mr. Bush was surprised and unaware that Americans are paying nearly $4-a-gallon to fill up their cars. 

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Of equal concern is that if the President was surprised and unaware of what motorists are paying at the pumps, then he must also be in the dark on the nearly $40 billion siphoned out of our wallets each year by the banking cartel for merchant interchange fees for Visa and MasterCard’s electronic payment network.

But, now that he knows it, the next question is why are the banks able to force motorists using plastic at service stations to fork over a percent of each fill-up? These fees were designed to be cost-based, not to enrich thousands of banks who use these revenues to cover their billions in losses from misguided mortgage and other fiasco’s.

MasterCard had earlier announced a $50 cap at the pumps, but we are unsure if that ever took hold, and we are not sure if Visa followed along.  Did they?  And then two more questions:

  1. Why are the banks still able to get upwards of 1.7% for each charge? 
  2. If the credit card associations can place a limit on interchange fees at the pumps, why not for all electronic payment transactions elsewhere, from Rolex watches to a latte at Starbucks?


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