Shareholders Take Visa; Banks Run With $10,000,000,000 Payday

Because the new Visa Inc. shareholders remain hypnotised by the market success of MasterCard’s IPO, here are some leading morning-after profiles about why the banks bailed on Visa, cashed out $10 billion, plus another $3 billion for litigation reserves. 

Visa is the richest IPO ever in U.S. history, but for who?

Did you know that the initial initial public offering was expected to yield only $5 billion?  And, after deducting the legal reserves, the banks and the underwriters proceeds that is about all that might be left.

“At Stake is More Than $50 Billion if the Merchants are Successful” (Legal Times)

Visa Inc. IPO Valuation – $74 a share?

“[B]anks Also Stand to Shed Some Liability” (The Charlotte Observer)

“Visa’s Lucrative House of Cards” (SF Chronicle)

Twilight Zone: The Movie, Visa and MasterCard Style

Visa Inc. IPO Largest in US History; First it was 5, then 10 and Now $18.8 Billion – That’s Some Rich Valuation Appreciation

“Significant Victory” Announced Against MasterCard by Class Plantiffs

 “Visa’s initial offering expected to fetch $5-billion

Visa’s Inc’s $10,000,000,000 Misguided Hedge From Litigation

“Visa’s IPO Use of Proceeds Plan and Interchange Overview

Visa Inc. Files 10-K Annual Report, Amends S-1 Registration

How the Fed’s $200-Billion Intervention Indirectly Boosts Visa’s IPO Valuation

“Will Visa IPO Deter Antitrust Lawsuits?” (Financial Week)

“IPO View – Visa IPO Hit by Unexpected Snag–Recession Fears” (Reuters)


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