CSNews Exclusive: C-stores Face Legal Crossroads in Interchange Lawsuit

April 22, 2010 – NEW YORK — The proposed class-action lawsuit over interchange rates brought by merchants against Visa and MasterCard and their member banks is entering a critical juncture, and convenience stores of all sizes have some important decisions to make, attorneys Jeffrey I. Shinder and Matthew L. Cantor told CSNews Online.

Shinder and Cantor, partners in the law firm of Constantine Cannon LLP, are well-versed in the interchange battle. They were the lead counsel, representing a class of 5 million merchants, in the 2003 class-action suit against Visa and MasterCard over their signature debit cards. That case delivered more than $2.5 billion in settlement payments.

via CSNews Exclusive: C-stores Face Legal Crossroads in Interchange Lawsuit.


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