Both Credit And Debit Rise for Visa, Along with Acquirer Fees

San Francisco-based Visa instituted an acquirer price increase last year (Digital Transactions News, March 17, 2009). In a conference call with analysts, Visa chief financial officer Byron H. Pollitt Jr. attributed the data-processing revenue growth to VisaNet’s 14% transaction increase and “the continuing effect of previously enacted pricing actions,” according to the Seeking Alpha transcript service.

It looks like another “pricing action” is on the way. Referring to an April price increase by MasterCard Inc., an analyst asked Visa executives if “you have raised merchant assessment pricing as well?” According to Seeking Alpha, chief executive Joseph W. Saunders responded, “Well, we’ve already announced an increase in our acquirers fees similar to the one that MasterCard did and ours is effective in July.” A Visa spokesperson declined further comment. As they do with interchange, acquirers are likely to pass on such network fee increases to their merchant clients.

via Digital Transactions: Both Credit And Debit Rise for Visa, Along with Acquirer Fees

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