Recent @WayTooHigh Twitter Social Media Comments •Word getting out that I’m heading to Washington DC to hit hard and trounce MasterCard and Visa •Brought my 20-yr old manual credit card imprinter + carbon copy receipts to Washington as prop to explain #swipefees •No surprise Visa ($V) MasterCard ($MA) market cap vaporizing, if you followed since ’05, told ya so… •Wall Street reform is easy politics, America v banks/credit/debit card #swipefees which harms our nation •Easy to get everyone to yell at banks; their [Goldman Sachs $GS] approval rating 4%, even lower than BP (11%) •There are 100’s of billions of points ($) of disagreement over credit card interchange #swipefees [#swipefees] •Only thing more painful to entrepreneurial motivation than unfair credit card #swipefees is #Palin, #Beck, #Fox, #Limbaugh •Visa, MasterCard attempts to spin/distance itself from banks’ prior 100% control still violated yrs of price-fixing [#swipefees] •James Gorman’s JPMorgan Chase [CEO, $JPM] is a named defendent in giant #swipefees antitrust class-action •Agressive grassroots 5-yr campaign to explain ~$48bln annual CC interchange # swipefees is working •Visa ($V), MasterCard’s ($MA) + member banks blinded by mlns of angry retailers/cardholders over #swipefees  Efficiency Technology Congress Class-action Transparency Angry consumers Could erase Visa ($V) MasterCard ($MA) payment network •Your friendly mega-bank, credit union, community bank take ~$120,000,000 out of economy via interchange #swipefees every 24hrs •Other than Visa/MasterCard payment network, non-monopoly vendors sign lowest price guarantees, $V $MA should too •U.S. #swipefees merchant contracts should guarantee lowest rate anywhere [ex: Canada PIN-based debit cards, clearing checks at zero] •Using SM tools, Twitter [@WayTooHigh] for rapid response to falsehoods launched by MasterCard/Visa credit card cartel  [#swipefees] •Fun watching MasterCard exit its cave: Saying at “war” against our political system, small biz, American families [#swipefees]      •Banks’ liability hedge by unloading 1/2 of MasterCard ($MA) Visa ($V) ownership is coming back to bite ‘ em [#swipefees] •When Citigroup, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, et al unloaded % of $V $MA IPO, knew today would come  •Republicans are trying to water down Wall Street reforms, kill credit card oversights [#swipefees] •Wall Street Reform will pass; getting stronger every day, add end to “credit card” interchange #swipefees to bill •Amendments to tempter banks’ credit card cartel is gaining strength   [#swipefees] •Bank Facts: $2 trillion banks too large, 6 lgst represent 63% GDP, top 8 represent most credit card biz [#swipefees] •Bank lobbyiests ruining trust and credibility for American financial system’s health [#swipefees]    •Watching and enchanted with clear voice of Dem U.S. Senator Ted Kaufman (Delaware) [#swipefees] •After-the-fact CNBC Jim Cramer discussed banks share declines today


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