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Credit Card Interchange Fees: Issues and Answers
A Report to the House Judiciary Committee Antitrust Task Force Prepared by the Merchants Payments Coalition, Inc.
September 14, 2007

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Cutting edge research reports that shine more light on how interchange fee dollars are spent and the fee, policies and practices of the banks and credit card companies.

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Bloomberg Interview with Stephen Cannon, Witness for the Merchants Payments Coalition debating Timothy J. Muris, Counsel, O’Melvney and Myers and Former Chairman, Federal Trade Commission. Watch Interview >>

CNBC Interview with Mallory Duncan, Chairman of the Merchants Payments Coalition and Rhonda Bentz, Vice President, Visa USA. Watch Interview >>

Recent Articles: Interchange in the News

Leave It to the WSJ Op-Ed Page…, Columbia Journalism Review, 10/26/10

Cash or credit? Government’s action may ensure real option, Herald Tribune, 10/13/10

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