Visa Europe expects deal with EU on card fees soon (via Reuters)

January 20, 2009

Visa Europe expects to reach a deal with European Union competition authorities on its cross-border transaction fees this year, the payment card company said on Tuesday. Read more.

[source: Reuters]

Credit Card Companies Vs. Merchants

January 19, 2009

There are just hours remaining until Visa, MasterCard and their member banks face a new administration in D.C.  To kick things off, this article was published today by Digital Transactions Magazine.   Let’s remember that this issue is all about illegal, anticompetitive price fixing and unbridfled market power. 

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“MasterCard Paper Dispels Myths and Highlights Benefits of Electronic Payment Networks” (via MasterCard Press Release)

January 14, 2009

I couldn’t even invent this journey through a mythological  abstraction from reality, so here it is in MasterCard’s® own words.  To counter these assertions, see the below more than 1,200 unique postings over the past nearly four years.

MasterCard Worldwide Press Release

MasterCard’s Fictional Journey Around Intrechange fees

Benefits of Open Payment Systems and the Role of Interchange