WayTooHigh.com – The Credit Card Interchange Report – Background

Welcome to WayTooHigh.com – The Credit Card Interchange Report.


This site features the most comprehensive international breaking news, daily updates and commentaries on the history of merchant interchange fees. The goal in representing millions of merchants and cardholders is to reform an antiquated, costly and unfair payment system and explain why the nearly $40 billion annual merchant interchange fee is a hidden tax on consumers and retailers.

WayTooHigh.com, The Credit Card Interchange Report, is edited by Mitch Goldstone, co-founder of California-based 30 Minute Photos Etc., the national online boutique photo service, 30minphotos.com and its newest division, ScanMyPhotos.com. Carl Berman and Goldstone are also the lead plaintiffs and class representatives in the multi-billion dollar antitrust class-action litigation against Visa, MasterCard and member banks. This informational web site was created to provide news and commentary updates only. None of the information posted on WayTooHigh.com is intended to constitute legal arguments; it reflects only the opinions of its co-editors and not of any other plaintiffs or other parties involved in the merchant antitrust litigation. The information is not guaranteed to be correct, complete, or current. We make no warranty, express or implied, about the accuracy or reliability of the information posted by WayTooHigh.com or at any other Web site to which this site is linked. (c)2008

2 Responses to WayTooHigh.com – The Credit Card Interchange Report – Background

  1. brandonwright says:

    I appreciate your attention to the issue of interchange. Unfortunately, most consumers are unaware of it and those that are, assume it is the cost of doing business.

    I am familiar with the MPC. Your efforts and theirs are necessary to raise awareness among consumers.

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